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at the rate of 19 July 2024

Cryptocurrency converter, calculator. Convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, find out their value. Real-time cryptocurrency converter allows you to convert all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin (default converter) and all others to your favorite currency such as USD, EUR, GBP. Modify the converter, add or remove currencies from it, see currency values online. Just enter an amount in the field of your chosen currency and you will see the conversion results of all currencies that are in the converter. Below the cryptocurrency calculator you will see charts and prices of the most popular cryptocurrencies against the US dollar. The most interesting data when you think about cryptocurrencies is the price of Bitcoin, so with this cryptocurrency calculator you can see the price of Bitcoin in relation to other currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Dynamics of 1 Bitcoin in US Dollars per week

Date1 BTC to USDChange, BTC (%)
18 July 2024 (Thursday)63 882.24 -1209.59 1.89%
17 July 2024 (Wednesday)65 091.83 +307.41 0.47%
16 July 2024 (Tuesday)64 784.42 +3968.96 6.13%
15 July 2024 (Monday)60 815.46 +1590.21 2.61%
14 July 2024 (Sunday)59 225.25 +1316.51 2.22%
13 July 2024 (Saturday)57 908.74 +567.55 0.98%
12 July 2024 (Friday)57 341.19 -388.7 0.68%